How to Change your Facebook Name

Hi everybody!

Have you ever tried to change your Facebook name? Well, I did, and I’ve had the biggest surprise that gave me creeps! OK, let’s see what happened.

First of all you have to go to Account —> Account Settings and then go for editing your Name. Write other name and you will most likely get this:

This, I think, is not very clever. How does the “automated approval system” know if she gets married, fore example? or just changes the name because she/he doesn’t like it?  or maybe the name was fake and now needs to be corrected? and so on …

What can be done?

Now, let’s change the name!

Step 1: Take several minutes to think about changing your name, well, because you can also change it with any name 😀 . Example: Marcus Horse.

Step 2: Open your favorite mail provider site and create a new account with the ID as much as possible like the new name. Example:, marcus_horse, horsemarcus and so on…

Step 3: Go again to Account —> Account Settings and go for editing your Email. Click the Add another email link and add the new email in the field that opens. To validate the new email address you have to confirm by clicking the link sent by facebook to your new email address and which asks you if you are sure.

Step 4: Go again to Account —> Account Settings and edit again the Email (unless you already are there; by clicking the confirmation link it will get you there). Select the new email address and save the changes.

Step 5: Click the link Remove near the old email address and save changes.

Step 6: Change your name as you wanted.

Step 7: Save changes! Done!

Note one! After every change you have to click Save Changes and enter every time the password.

Note two! Never put your desired name while still having the old email address, it will save that and still won’t let you change your name with the new one even after changing the email address.

Note three! It seems that this method doesn’t work if you’ve reached the name change limit.


25 Comments to “How to Change your Facebook Name”

  1. It doesn’t work for me 😦 I can’t change the user name.

  2. Can this work if you have changed your name to the limit?

    • for me it worked, but I invite all to write here if there are problems to make the method better! so just say what happens here if it doesn’t work and we’ll try to make it better and give you the answer. also it’s good for us to here about positive situations 🙂 .good luck!

      • How many times i can change my name? My friend told me that after 3 times changing he can’t change it any more!

        Another problem! Facebook is not allowing me to remove old email address why?

      • Hi! To be able to delete your old email address you have to add the new one, and AFTER THAT delete the old one.
        As for the number of changes, just try it, if it works, you’re done ;).

  3. I created a new account with the new email and a fake (spelled wrong) last name, then tried switching the last name to be the one in the email, didn’t work =(

  4. i do not understand this step “Open your favorite mail provider site and create a new account with the ID as much as possible like the new name”. can you explain please?…do you means my facebook mail ?

  5. It doesn’t work for me! I’ve followed the steps but I can’t change my name!

  6. I did it and still doesn’t change. it said it’ll take 24 hours to be viewable but it doesn’t work. I have reach my maximum change of name but I want to change it to my previous name, still wont allow me even though the name is on the selection box already. I wonder why?

    • if the name is on the selection box already is not good. this means that facebook knows already that your new name shouldn’t be used. it is important to create a new e-mail account, update facebook with the new account, delete the old e-mail address, and then change the name. don’t put the new name in and after that create the e-mail account similar with the new name that you’ve already tried!

  7. The move from Step 5 to 6 is not clear. If I change the email and save change, how do I get to change my name (already changed earlier twice). For name change, the edit is a different button.

  8. Facebook keeps rejecting a request to add the title “Dr.” to a name. Does anyone know of a way around this?

  9. I got married and now i want to change my last name….. it keeps asking me to write my name in my native language which means to use some letters that some people never heard of, which i don’t want to. Does anyone know how to turn off that native language option?

  10. I have a related problem – I have a facebook account with username1, and a page with username2. I want to get rid of my page and use username2 as my account name. If I delete the page I’m afraid username2 will not be available to switch to, and I will lose the name forever. How can I can get username2 to be the username for my account, or even for a brand new account if necessary? Is it possible to convert a page to a separate account? Any other ideas?

    • In this case I don’t think you should be concerned, you don’t have to use unique names on facebook. The only unique thing you have to use is the e-mail address.
      Try to change username 1 with username 2 without deleting the page, it should work. If not from the first time, try the method described here (in the case username 1 is a lot different from username 2).

      • My understanding is that the username, not the public name, has to be unique – it is used in the URL to get to your page, as in When I try to rename my page to the username2, it says name already taken.

      • In this case you can only delete the page or use username 2 with a little change, like an extra underscore or number, as username 1.


  12. I went over my name changing limit and even after i followed your steps I couldn’t change my name. I went to my username tab and they gave me the choice to change my name back to all the names that I’ve use before but won’t let me type in another name. Please help!

  13. Hi there i have done everything as you said but it is still not letting me change my name, why is this? After i have edited my new email address and deleted the old do i have to give it some time to change my name.

  14. Also my new email that i have created and edited onto my facebook does have my nickname in it and my nickname is in the selction box on facebook, does that matter? Is that the reason why it is not letting me change my name?

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