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August 20, 2012

Stupidity in this World

When stupidity will be registered as a disease this world would be better.

You will just be diagnosed by the doctor as “stupid” and you will get medication or/and you will be hospitalized for reeducation, that will help you not to be stupid again.

Specialized personnel will help you understand why you are stupid and will show you what you need to do to cure from stupidity.

Nowadays the world suffers a lot because of stupidity, this disease seems to be contagious in some cases and spreads worryingly fast.

If stupidity wouldn’t be registered as a disease, stupid people will continue to persevere in it, sometimes contaminating other people that are not stupid but that can be influenced, and creating stupid colonies by growing stupid offsprings that can’t ever imagine that they are stupid.

If the World will be conquered by stupidity, it will stupidly end in anarchy.