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January 22, 2013

Connecting Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 to Windows 7 laptop

I just lost an entire day trying to connect my bluetooth mouse to my newly installed Windows 7 operating system. This operation can grow you white hairs, I mean, it’s a Microsoft device, windows is also a Microsoft product, why all these stupid problems just for a bluetooth connection between two entities developed by the same company, a company that pretends to be one of the most serious companies in the world?! I’ve never expected such big problems caused by a bluetooth connection! I need my mouse! What to do, just sell it and never use it?! NO, no way! I really need it with my work, the touch pad can’t do what the mouse can do!

So, anyway, the day is lost but the mouse is working :D.

When I encountered the problem I started looking for solutions on the internet. This part eats you a lot of time. I didn’t found the solution in just one place, I had to combine and to research myself what works and what does not work. So, for you not to loose youre entire day like me, I will just write here all the needed settings. Here it goes…

First of all, I use a Lenovo Thinkpad R61 7742 NCG laptop. The operating system is Windows 7 Professional on 32 bit. The device I want to install is a laser Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000.

First setting: go to the bluetooth devices -> open settings -> check the box for ”Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer”.

Second setting: click the start button for windows -> type ”services” in the search area -> from the ”programs” section choose ”services” -> double click ”Bluetooth Support Service” -> from the ”General” tab, at the ”Startup Type” select ”Automatic” and don’t close the window.

Third setting: from the same window go to the ”Log On” tab -> make sure that ”This account” is checked and in the first field is written ”Local Services” -> and to be sure, delete the other two fields for password and password confirmation -> click ”Apply” -> go to the ”General” tab and from the ”Service status” section click ”Stop” – > wait a few seconds until the service is stopped and then click ”Start” to start the service.

Fourth step: reboot! Very important.

Fifth step: go to bluetooth devices -> Add a device -> push the bluetooth connection button on the back of your mouse -> the system will detect it -> double click it and wait for the system to download and install the drivers for the mouse.

That’s it!

Note! If you don’t restart after the first three steps, it is possible that the system just detects the mouse but freezes there without downloading and installing the mouse drivers.

Feel free to ask questions if other problems encountered.