iPhone 5S vs. Nokia lumia 1020

Just few words need to be said.

Apple, you lunch this after, this baby was launched 2 months ago?

Are you fuckin’ kiddin’?

Bad idea to play the camera card iPhone, and that touch ID implemented looks just for fancy. I won’t mention here iPhone 5c, it’s just nothing to mention.

Nokia kind of kicks ass with free GPS and maps which are actually very good, not to mention other useful technologies like wireless charging.



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2 Comments to “iPhone 5S vs. Nokia lumia 1020”

  1. The Lumia 1020 easily wins this battle. The iPhone 5S is too gimmicky and doesn’t offer anything much more than the iPhone 5.

    • Totally agree. iPhone is too commercial, you have to pay for anything, while lumia is very powerful and offers a lot of free usefull features. Too bad Nokia doesn’t have better presentations and better people to promote it.

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