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October 20, 2011

Filmed Nonsense

Today I have watched the movie called “Borat”. From the beginning something was dubious, the main personage started presenting his home town with a distant air and then comes the first idiocy. The main personage starts kissing a woman with the air that he didn’t wanted to kiss her but it was necessary, this resulting in a disgusting kiss, an then he presents her like his sister!!!?? Of course, things have gone from bad to much bad until the end of the movie, culminating with a naked fight between a morbid fat man and the main personage and a scene where the main personage comes with his excrements in a bag at a dinner table full of very nice guests. In other scenes the main personage express his anti-Semitic views going so far that the Jewish hosts, where the main personage was accommodated at some time in the movie,  were presented in the stance of cockroaches.

This movie disgusts me most of all because it is not really a movie. Besides the main personage, his friend and an episodic female personage, all others are real people that didn’t know that they were involved in a movie filming. So what is the main personage (which also directed this ineptitude) doing in this movie? He actually goes to people and pretends to be somebody else than he is and then he puts them in stupid situations in front of the camera. I am thinking at the scene where he pretends to be a foreigner that wants to learn about the American culture and he establishes dinner with a lot of people wanting to help him to integrate. The scenes are very sad because you can see a whole bunch of people that want to help him to integrate and he talks just coarse stories. Even when a men tries to make him understand that he is not retarded, as the looney main personage faked to understand, he is retired, and after this all people from the room try to do the same way, he continues mocking them with an air of a false pity. After all this he goes to the rest room, in this time people trying to discuss his situation with a big willing to help despite of all that he did, and all this just to see him coming from the rest room with his excrements in a bag, waving them and asking where to put them. Just think about it, those people were people like you and me unconscious that any movie scenes were filmed there, and of course unconscious that they were going to be seen worldwide afterwards. Maybe the producers were telling them that the cameras are for a TV show that will never appear if the filming was no good. After those people thrown the main personage out of their houses with all the crew, maybe they weren’t at all thinking that the failed TV show will ever put them in front of the eyes of the whole world, with this unstable director trying to make fun of them. This is just like you go to somebody and say that you need help to write something on a piece of paper on his back because you don’t have anything flat around, and when he turns around you steal his wallet. But this is not any wallet, this was people’s dignity, and this was happening allover the movie from start to end. The main actor has a concerning cold blood in treating real people like objects.

The movie has also some mistakes in it that only cheap movies have, from this it can be extracted the superficiality of the producers. The main personage says that he is from Kazahstan but all the people presented in his home town speak the Romanian language. The scenes of the movie seem to be short movies linked together. There is no convincing action from start to end. The scenes are supposed to be humorous but they are just sad and some of them evil shocking.

I now ask myself why this lobotomy had won a golden globe??? There must be something wrong in the world if that happened. But somehow it can be explained, just read “The Success Paradox” article which I think applies in this case. Anyway, to direct this kind of lobotomy is just wrong. Think about that this director will involve you in one of his ineptitude putting you in a worldwide selling movie and stealing your dignity practically forever.