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August 31, 2011

How to Change your Facebook Name

Hi everybody!

Have you ever tried to change your Facebook name? Well, I did, and I’ve had the biggest surprise that gave me creeps! OK, let’s see what happened.

First of all you have to go to Account —> Account Settings and then go for editing your Name. Write other name and you will most likely get this:

This, I think, is not very clever. How does the “automated approval system” know if she gets married, fore example? or just changes the name because she/he doesn’t like it?  or maybe the name was fake and now needs to be corrected? and so on …

What can be done?

Now, let’s change the name!

Step 1: Take several minutes to think about changing your name, well, because you can also change it with any name 😀 . Example: Marcus Horse.

Step 2: Open your favorite mail provider site and create a new account with the ID as much as possible like the new name. Example:, marcus_horse, horsemarcus and so on…

Step 3: Go again to Account —> Account Settings and go for editing your Email. Click the Add another email link and add the new email in the field that opens. To validate the new email address you have to confirm by clicking the link sent by facebook to your new email address and which asks you if you are sure.

Step 4: Go again to Account —> Account Settings and edit again the Email (unless you already are there; by clicking the confirmation link it will get you there). Select the new email address and save the changes.

Step 5: Click the link Remove near the old email address and save changes.

Step 6: Change your name as you wanted.

Step 7: Save changes! Done!

Note one! After every change you have to click Save Changes and enter every time the password.

Note two! Never put your desired name while still having the old email address, it will save that and still won’t let you change your name with the new one even after changing the email address.

Note three! It seems that this method doesn’t work if you’ve reached the name change limit.