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September 2, 2011

Facebook Statements

Today I’ve watched “Social network”. WOW, now that was a cool movie! I was just eyes and ears till the end with the level of excitement over most other movies.

Mark Zuckerberg really is a genius. This if he realized from the beginning what was the potential of such a social network. If not, he’s just a lucky man. I would say a lucky and very strong man. Why strong? Well, because facebook is evaluated to worth about 84 billion dollars and, what really makes him strong, are people. He has on his computer personal data about over 750 million people.

Motives to register.

To be in trend with your friends. Boredom. Because you want to keep in touch with your foreign friends. Get a girlfriend/boyfriend. Socialize.

This doesn’t sound very bad. Actually it’s cool, you can keep in touch with people anytime you want. If you want to see what is your friend from other country doing at this moment you can just check his photos and statuses. But I can’t agree with the last motive: to socialize on facebook. In my opinion virtual socialization is an ugly mutation of real socialization.

Motives not to register.

It’s addictive. Waste of precious time. There is something fishy with the privacy.

Now think about how much time you waste on facebook. Now think about the free time that you would have if you didn’t use facebook. What to do with this free time? Well, real socialization. Let’s say that I post every day my realizations on the wall and interact with friends by giving likes and comments to their activity. Till here everything is OK, but what about this lifestyle? Everything is registered, and don’t tell me that “the creators” don’t have access to anything of this information. The thing is that we are talking about a really high level company, the best in the world for social networking, here come in the equation companies or governmental organisms that might be interested in your information. I wouldn’t make this affirmation if this video doesn’t exist:

Is CIA and “the creators” the only ones that access facebook’s databases to monitor (!) people’s activities? Well, it’s hard to say. This is getting more weirder with Zuckerberg’s answer about facebook’s privacy:


Let’s say that you have in the friends list your high school mates and your colleagues from work, including the boss. One of your high school mate posts a picture of you semi nude and drunk and then tags you. Now that’s privacy!

I still don’t understand why I can’t modify my facebook name.

Why facebook needs two weeks to delete your account?

facebook addiction

Addiction (image embedded from

Take care of your privacy!